Did you know that the City of Langford is selling an ecologically sensitive piece of land next to Langford Lake?

The sale of this land puts it at risk of being developed, potentially destroying critical habitat for the endangered Western Painted Turtle and countless other species. Langford Voters for Change is writing to Mayor and Council urging them to take this property off the market and keep it as a nature park, connected to the Ed Nixon Trail. Please read the letter below and sign the petition to add your name to it.

Dear Mayor Young and Langford Council,

The City of Langford has issued a request for proposals to purchase the city-owned land at 2885 Westshore Parkway & 1365 Goldstream Ave. We are writing to ask that the City keep the property to extend the park area along the Ed Nixon Trail and to conserve that important habitat.

The City of Langford Official Community Plan (Bylaw No. 1200) puts priority on sustainability and makes important commitments to maintain a high percentage of open space and ecosystem values near shorelines, to preserve the character of Langford’s Lakes by dedicating parks adjacent to lakes, to practice integrated stormwater management, to consider view impacts from water bodies, and many others. This property is clearly identified in the Plan as an area with potential habitat and biodiversity values and dedicating it as parkland would make an important contribution to the City’s sustainability goals. It is a unique area adjacent to Langford lake, providing important habitat for the endangered Western Painted Turtle. It is relatively level, with grasses and shrubs providing nesting habitat for many species of birds and small mammals, and important hunting for the eagles, owls and hawks that still live in the area. It floods annually, absorbing overflow from Langford Lake and Langford Creek and helping to regulate lake levels through the summer months.

The city held a public Hearing Nov. 2, 2020 on a bylaw to rezone the property from “Amenity” to “Tourist Commercial and Residential”, with a stated intent to develop the area as a hotel and 30 townhouse residential units. At that time, every citizen that was able to get through on the phone expressed their objections to the rezoning because of concerns about the ecological impacts, the loss of greenspace and hydrological values, and increased traffic on Goldstream Ave.

We, the undersigned Langford citizens, are in favour of keeping the property as parkland. There is a very high level of concern about the rapid loss of greenspace in the city and the declining water quality in Langford Lake. The Ed Nixon trail is heavily used and the narrow band of park along the lake is already degraded by over-use.

Will you reconsider the sale before the opportunity to protect this unique area is lost?

Note: a previous version of the letter had inaccurately stated that the public hearing in November 2020 resulted in a rezoning. The rezoning was approved by council but ultimately fell through when the developer pulled out. It's entirely possible that the future purchaser of this land will apply for a similar rezoning.

This petition is now closed and the signatures are on their way to Langford Mayor and Council.

Thank you to the 2676 people who took the time to have their voices heard on this!

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